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Galt Aureus is an American rock duo formed by singer, pianist and composer Saher Galt and guitarist, vocalist and visual artist Susan.

Galt Aureus' third album, Treason, is out now. Get it here.

All music and lyrics composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Galt Aureus.


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Treason (download on iTunes)

Apparatus Emergit
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A never shutting aperture,
to capture your light;
a never sleeping apparition,
waiting like a land mine:

And you're caught in the lockstep.

I lie entombed beneath
the shadow of the black machine;
I lie crushed between
the gears.

Burning up the oxygen,
doublespeaking suicide;
savage internecine warfare,
"to purify."

In the ghostly smoke from this crucible,
with my fractured hope in the melting ore:

I lie.

Cleanse my bloodline with fire,
from the ash I am sired.
Tear out my liver bite after bite,
such a heavy price.

Choke my lungs in brine,
soak my youth in time,
I'm a fable fighting to hide the truth,
but it's no use.

I am Treason:
Prometheus lit a torch upon the sun,
and I was begun.

Lie in wait for this lost cause
of bloodied thresholds and iron bars,
and all the whispers gather like wind
to topple the king.

Here Come the Crows
We have sown the bones in the blood-soaked soil,
might we have known what harvest moons would show?

The hero drawn and torn,
the savior scorned,

and the beating of the wings, there go the doves;
and the beating drum, here come the crows:
black as stone.

When we wager souls on the wayward shores,
might we have known what the tides would hold?
But some feeble words just can't leave your throat.

There is a pulsing heat like pressure against my face. And reflected in my coruscating eye: the burning city. In the ghostly smoke from this crucible, with my fractured hope in the melting ore: I lie. But in my mind? I'm atop the tallest building. And from that high perch, I descend. I am weightless as I fall. Wind rushing past me. Boulevards growing larger in my eyes. And then...

I wake.

A dirgelike anthem sounds,
My crimethink drowns it out.
Machine code ratifies:
An eyelid, ever wide (and broad stripes).

Fly the Gadsden flag,
Fly the Gadsden flag: half-mast;
Revolution! Revolution:
freedom rang,
an echo in decay.

A boot heel cadence pounds,
Transistor eyes surround,
And groupthink overwrites,
What blood inked as heroes died by dawn's early light.

No indenture bears my name,
yet the state arrogates my labor
all the same.

Let a little blood upon the wheel,
shed a little more upon the gears,
lay your hands upon the levers and now,
shut the machine down.

I recognize no right of state
to dictate what of my life is mine
and what they'll take.

Soliloquy of Slaves
Will you stand aside as they take it all away?
Let your spine bend until it breaks?

Could you rest your mind upon the shaky ground of compromise?
Let supplication bury you alive?

In soliloquy of slaves,
and the tyrant's sharpened phrase,
I hear a strain that sounds the same:
"It's a world that can't be saved,
Revolutionaries hang."

But you and I will find a way.

Can you justify or even stomach the trade?
Now that broad stripes are prison bars, don't you feel safe?

Lay your banner down, I know the flag that you need.
And may your heart bleed until it's white as that sheet.

Fractures in the Steel
The Enlightenment has set:
a purple sun hanging in the West.
Shadow, all we have left,
crept down capitol steps.

Like the fractures in the steel,
in the axle of the wheel,

Are the rivets in my bones not strong enough to hold?

There was a time in this nation of mine,
forges flooded with light, we burned with pride.

In the shallows of your mind
a thought is rising like the tide;
a Constitution, all we have left,
lost like a relic to the depths.
Like fractures in the steel,
in the axle of the wheel,
through my patriotic chest,
the treason spreads.

Revive the Light
Bring the torches,
and the horses,
roll the guns out now the sun's down.

Revive the light Prometheus stole,
return the earth that Atlas bore
to fire.

And burn to dust the yoke that binds.

When that forked tongue,
tastes your freedom,
sedition: the only antidote to the poison.


And is it not the unraveling of the thread that means a new flag must be woven?

Citadels (download on iTunes)

Overture of Legion
Prepare for war- Legion!

The Cavalcade
Every line is a dirge,
of ashes to dust,
a cavalcade at the point of a gun.

Every line is a perjury,
down the throat to your lust,
and everything else they'll starve you of.

And the one passes on to the many headed tyrant.
And the one becomes just one more head of the hydra.

In the dark or the sun,
the scaffold in front,
a cavalcade at the point of a gun,

You rot in the dirt,
returned to the earth,
from which you were an immaculate still birth.

With every man for his brother, comes hell and high water: a short drop, deathlike sentence on acceptance.

At Dawn
Madame, take leave, retire straight away,
for monsieur has begged a word with fate,
where I'll take aim, and he'll fire late,
and I will oblige this fervent wish of his to die.

At dawn, let honor be our law,
at dawn, you'll find I have no need for words at all,
at dawn, on the outskirts of town,
at dawn, where two have met, one remains in ground-
at dawn.

His glove is thrown, so I'll sheath in him a bullet home,
fetch my pistols now, then leave us quite alone,
the carriage is ready, monsieur, to take us to the site,
where I will release you from the burdens of this life.

I'll take aim, shoot straight,
and take your breath away: at dawn.

Our Own Versailles
If floods will come all our lives,
just climb the stairs, let the water rise,
we'll build ourselves up to a towering height.

From the hollow of our hands,
all we've never had:

bright lights,
in our own Versailles,
everything becomes alive:
our own ch‚teau tonight.

No starless nights for you and me,
we've always seen and dreamed then built what could be,

from the hollow of our hands,
fashion all we've never had.

Tonight- the stars, you and I will shine.

It's just contempt calling you out,
when everyone else kneels down.
You scream in your head, cut tongue from your mouth,
when everyone else is so loud,
bellowing the only phrase they know now,
"bottoms up: the city is sinking!"

Let them rot, if nobody follows;
the steel in my voice won't hold,
the sky presses down,
the Rubicon is long gone;
let them rot, regrets raise no citadels.

It's just contempt calling your bluff,
this eulogy of ruin never ends, and you've heard enough.
You rouse from an empire,
waking to whiskey, quarries for gravestones, and guillotines,
bottoms up: the city is sinking.

The Armada
You flash your eyes,
the Armada of our time and...

When winter's falling all around me,
the snow is piling up for miles,
you make the sun brighten up,
so I can see just what you're made of.

Flash your eyes:
the Armada of our time,
and this galleon of mine goes down.
As the widening abyss surrounds.

We might not be getting any younger,
these years just keep chasing after years,
but we can make the room just a little darker now,
and shut the whole world out.

You took everything from me,
And I just waited still.

Spiral Stile
You're the spiral stile up over the gate,
you're the alchemist's poison just lying in wait,
you're the anaesthesia fleeing from the surgical blade,
as I lie there, voiceless, completely awake.

How deep fear does go; am I to follow?
When look what hope brought upon us
(and you have the one chance to save us).

You're the silent film star aging in grace,
all alone, with no one, who knows where you've fallen.
As you lie there, gorgeous, hiding your face.

You're the spiral stile up over the gate,
you're the walls of the graveyard preventing escape,
you're everything I dream about that keeps me awake.

Nothing but dust in these streets,
I'm kicking up memories that belong beneath my feet.
Such a long road to find hope,
then you just crawl up and sink right into me,

hey, I feel you seep in,
I know you're deep beneath my skin,
hey, I feel you seep in,
I hold you deep within my bones.

If the rocks below were coming up close,
yeah, I'm just thinking about how I probably wouldn't notice.
My head's such a beautiful mess:
yeah, it's just you, it's just you, all over the place.

And look what we become,
your rising skyline,
beneath the sun.

Before the Fall
This is not penitence,
I confess I have done no wrong,
my reticence will save him,
if the agony is not too strong.

Before the fall,
in that untouchable place;
behind a wall of time:
an impervious glass holds back the light,
from before the fall.

I can barely take my eyes off you,
how will I ever do what I must do?
By my word, I am bound:
execute the will of crown;
this jagged axe passed over no one,
but this agony is far beyond me...

Their eyes are wide, they expect it now,
you must take this life from me,

their eyes are wide, they expect it now,
oh, this agony,

their eyes are wide, they expect it now,
when you're untied and I let you out...

No! They'll take you in my stead-
then I'll crush this place in a breath.

When I raise my blade to the sky,
just be gone: before the fall.

And this is how our vengeance is won,
I have no fear of death nor what comes next.

The die is cast, your ferry waits,
genuflect, your match is met,
like Charlemagne come to say the grace,
with Saxony to be razed: I haven't come to stay.

Conquerors lay before my turned thumb,
if I say pallbearers will march you off this earth:
it is done.

Mark me, a sign of the end comes,
there will be no threnody,
no four horsemen riding out,
just an unfurling of my black flag.

Nocturne Carceris
The Legion comes to conquer.

Heralds to the Sun (download on iTunes)

Finis Coronat
A rising eye,
eclipse the sky,
gold and fire,
will be the sign:

Opus Aurei.

The Glass of Fashion
Would it be that I bow quietly and leave,
and wonder ever if you'd chosen me?
or join the procession of faithful suitors,
passing sated just to hear you breathe?

or wait plain in sight, in secrecy,
bare thread and seams?
I beg tonight, all my wits reveal:
more than meets your eye.

as you rise, the Fall enters inside.
as you rise, you look to find what will be yours,
and you will not be denied.
as you rise, there's fire in the air.
as you pass, I whisper this as I stare:
'Oh, aren't you just the glass.'

silk and gold, upon a throne, in fashions late and old,
so dressed up for a world's end, you know.
you're all falling jewels as gleaming hair spills down in pools,
there's no sunlight left in sight: all beauty pours from you.

the whole dancing court stops dead just to look at you,
and wish you a good night.

as you rise, there's fire in the air.
as you pass, I move to tip my hat, but do I even dare?
as you pass, I'm simply rapt:
Oh, aren't you just the glass.

All Lights Fade
Late is the hour you come here
with pleas and claims I won't bear,
to save what remains: a flickering choked in a rising smoke.

I welcome no call upon
a grace offered not to this one,
and my centuries of searching the dust will not be undone.

Leave me now you who ask this,
as I've said before, I choose.

And I bled out all the years empty for fools,
beneath frail stars failing without words to soothe.
now I'm weak, and some grim past still feeds, sick and leering,
and yet all lights fade, but this one.

Never in wait, will you find me
for by my sure step, all time's kept,
and here as the sands drain fast from your glass do you idly ask,

how can you now refuse me,
as my world grows dark but for you here alight?

Light up and shine, will you yet join me? blinding beside me?
Light up and shine.

Did I bleed out all the years vainly on you?
Beneath frail stars empty and without truths?
Will you be slave to some past you've seen? I'm through waiting.
I know, all lights fade: not this one...

Frost glasses me over.
But my blackest eyes are warm to your concerto,
aria to our first night, blue ice flowers,
requiem to our innocence.

Shy together never, rose petals to monuments of us,
in our walking in the sun, I am still ice.
Hey, hold my hand, with fears ceased,
my honey eyes are warm.

Sweet gentle kiss, reluctance undone,
of perfection poems won,
Iím singing to our first touch.
In eloquence dying, darkest secrets hushed:
youíll make me burn all of that.

Grey pages blowing, I scrawled to that winterís content,
out of favor and in loneliness, this companion alone,
but when you awoke, I held you delicately,
flooding the seas with me,
glacier soul melting in your summer arms,
please love forever in my eyes for you, and never leave.

A Secret Dies
The mordant wall above,
Poured its stone- flooding us,
As I spoke in furtive gusts,
What soon would become-

Apart, they'll
endow you with fears of me. (I'm not afraid)

Death or the Secret.

Don't you lose sight-
Mock them in spite,

I'll not say,

not one word (I'll not say),
not one breath, not one word.

Bereft of us to bleed,
That gaunt mob dessicant.
We need but stay our tongues,
And forms a grim ruin.

I wish now I had never told you dear,
all I know (no, you had to).
You're not safe here anymore,
(I could not bear that life, all dark nights)
If they touch you, I'll tear them:

I'll not say (what's ours stays ours).
Not a breath (you'll not hear the word from me).
Not one word.
Here they are (not one word),
They'll not know.

Stay close dear,
Let us go.
Stay close dear,

The Errant Humble
Trenched your way, this man mined, now stands to elide,
your solemn truths, in foul light, resigned.

Fallen pews, rise again, shackles grinning wide,
failing sight, listen close, redeem your...

Lost, assailed, but its bindings pale to you.
In repellant shame, fell for the ruse,
but you know, there's more this life to prove.
Stand, fight, for the virtue of your...


Fall, The Legions
Red cloud rise, exigent fallout. In the wake- legions. Echoes of a thousand paces. Closing in. Are you with me? Are you with me? This, the abyssal end.

Legions. Milia; One thousand to one. These brothers who stand by me, will fall beside me. For beauty. For visions immutable. Not for all the world, our own lives.

Red cloud rise, exigencies loud. I'm not to fade, my death in subtlety, we'll scream our lives to the wind as heralds to the sun, and know, we died for the heroism of man.

In grave resonance, our death tolls; Memories sweetly falling with us. But in faltering strength, I'll rise again to spit on the tyranny of this world- and in the brilliance of my final words, wrench all men to their knees.

Red cloud rise, inescapable now. Born to a world of the deep dark gray and ever dreaming of a cresting, golden morning.

So let's go. What are we waiting for? Let that wicked smile rage: We may die- but they'll never take our lives.

Six Ships
High from the mast,
I muse of a past,
deep under shore,
a life untold,
a life swallowed whole.

I never knew,
my end would come so soon.
And never knew,
death brings dreams of you,
and then: red seas.

Horror behold!
I shout down below.

My only thought:
your pale photograph,
to look one last time.

Six ships gather- in the distance, they circle- and will my fate...

And We've Just Begun
The subtle charge of mine,
promised no solace,
now I've little time,
with the dawn drawn high.

The shrieking veil that night,
burned of fury in my eyes;
then I rose nearer the sun,
with dark work just begun.

Dare you wage your life? stand aside, lest I abide.

Veneficus Ruinae
Melisma of suffering,
his black word of death:
bares solemn throats,
for thick crimson breath.

Corpse fountain of shame,
swill of ink ordained,
veneficus ruinae,
all foul deeds' blame,

yes, you've many names.

Necavit maestum tuum,
donum cruentum dei;
devorabit fastosum tuum,
famulatus aeternus: donum cruentum dei.

no lyrics


Decay (iTunes)
A dirgelike anthem sounds,
My crimethink drowns it out.
Machine code ratifies:
An eyelid, ever wide (and broad stripes).

Fly the Gadsden flag,
Fly the Gadsden flag: half-mast;
Revolution! Revolution:
freedom rang,
an echo in decay.

A boot heel cadence pounds,
Transistor eyes surround,
And groupthink overwrites,
What blood inked as heroes died by dawn's early light.

The Swarm (iTunes)
The shadow of the Dominion flag
stalks across an ash-made land;
and you hung low in my arms,
and that's all that I had.

What have you done, my love, what have you done-
corrupting the only thing I had loved?
"I have become what I must become," she said.

"There was still a darkness lingering;
I had hope while you believed in me,
But when Mengsk took you away,
I felt something break."

What have you done, my love, what have you done-
corrupting the only thing I had loved?
"I have become what I must become."

Oh, my love...

You have become a bringer of endless abject revenge?
"No! I have become so much more,"
You said: "I am the Swarm."

Tourniquet (download)
The battalion,
your bright eyed love,
and your future sons,
We'll take them all.

See when you were young,
clutched at your mother's arms,
she hid the bitter hole,
that We had made.

We pave the roads with bones We break,
so many lives that We will take,
Our tourniquets just strangulate:
and so much blood will escape.

She's at the terminal,
and there's the final wave,
his uniform is all,
she'll get back now.

I held his broken face; And I say,
"Not at all, but not for my sake."
Am I the dissident,
or am I just where you hang the blame?

There's no escape.

Monolith (iTunes)
She tore the teeth out
of every beast she called upon.
She's sewn a jaw now,
for all the violence of god.

In the statuette,
you saw a monolith;
before the silent altar,
you hear commandment;
at the deepest well,
where your victims slept,
every chamber filled,
their gunpowder wet;
you beg forgiveness,
of your statuette,
and pile the bodies up:
to see your monolith.

She scrapes the skin bare,
she strips our figures to the bone.
She's too deep in to forsake him:
the toothless god I know is only stone.

Shining Apollo (iTunes)
When the dark became
glittering hail,
they watched you shattering
in free fall collapse:

You're a pulse in a pile of glass.

You look at me like I'm Apollo,
your bright hero,
shining to keep you safe,
like I am the light.

I will shield you in,
a radiant embrace,
you will hold your head up high,
withering the Titans,

like Cyrene before the lion.

I will see you rise,
I will watch your rise,
and light the footholds of your climb.

The Queen of Blades (iTunes)
And he says, signal the fleet,
on his mark, everyone you know,
begins to leave,

all you have left:
blacks out their retreat,
all you have left:
is the swarm above your head,

you felt her fall away,
calling out your name,
as she became,
the Queen of Blades.

She called out from something like a tomb
and when you came just a little too late,

all you have left:
is the one you never saved,
all you have left:
is a war to take her place.

**winner of the 2010 Blizzard Original Song Contest!

YouTube-Only Songs (downloads)

One Hundred Thousand (watch)
We were asked to make a video for peta2:
Animal rights and vegan life and our favorite foods.
We stayed up late, after 50 takes, all we knew,
is we're really kind of terrible at interviews.

But 100,000 animals will be killed for food,
by the time I finish singing this for you.
And their tortured time in a nightmare life will be over soon,
and all we want is something we can do.

So we'll write a letter, protest, post and hope,
that while we wait our hearts won't explode.
With PETA, Earthlings, PCRM, Forks Over Knives,
how's this world still in such denial?

Of War and Wisdom
War! Minerva cry war - thirst - lust for blood.

Dressed in arms,
venom in her sight,
poisoning empires,
grace draws me nearer her side, to die.

Come nightfall, lie here with me,
come nightfall, I want it to feel like war.

Ignis aurum probat,
ashes this pyre has wrought,
and light.

Come nightfall, lie here with me,
come nightfall, I want it to feel like war.
Come nightfall, lie here with me violently,
come nightfall, I want it to feel like...

Men bow at her altars,
gods beg on the floor,
I stand welcome, beckoning, in awe....

**features Diana Roth on violin

Fallen on the Front Lines
Your word like sacrament,
pantomime for castaways among the dead,
is this the rapture?

Where I've seen men lay down first their lives then,
lay down their guns after their lives have left them,
when I've seen white lies and the black fog of wartime,
choking those fallen on the front lines,
where your king never stood.

This battlement is full of him,
the ghost who echoes only false hope.

**features Leif Hofmann on guitar

I Want To Believe
If there was no autopsy in 1947,
just a man in his flat in Camden;
What of the Aztec crash,
and the Hills' missing past?
Did the Phoenix Lights fall from the sky?
Is the truth hidden safe?
I'd settle for knowing there is a truth.

I want to believe,
though I know there's nothing to be seen.
It's a dark night and an empty sky,
and a world full of restless minds.

You hear of the coverups in a silent undercurrent,
men who disappear for good;
But we've been warring for about ten thousand years,
and you'd be wise if you assumed:
If those grey men land,
they'll possess sense enough to flee.

The truth is out there:
we're stark, dead alone;
The truth is out there,
if we're stark, dead alone;
The truth is out there,
and we're stark, dead...

Coming Down
The wake has gone,
mortar comes.
Wall it up,
and dig out my grave.

Don't you hold me now,
as my time runs out,
don't you stay around,
you can't save me from,
what's coming down.

They twist the wires,
a charge unfolds,
wound it up and let it go,
to light up my life.

What's coming down,
will show me how,
to find my silent home;
the wake has gone,
the mortar comes,
crashing down on one.

What's coming now,
will show me how,
to find my silent home;
the wake has gone,
the mortar comes,
and I must go alone.

This One
No one listened there but men,
and hearts rot still as they did then,
now I don't want to be the one to say it,
but maybe this one's too far gone for change.

They listened peacefully to sins,
between the static and the wind,
and as another hundred sleep forever in the sea,
no one seems that beat up here to me.

This one's worth a fight,
all chivalry aside,
this one's worth the fight,
and running...that's no way to die.

We lock our cells from the inside,
and shut the world out with our eyes.
The only freedom we pursue is our free and swift decline.
can no one see this engine smoke but me?

From The Towers to the Ground
Come on, come on, they expect us to leave?
well this city is ours, just follow my lead,
first, let's dispense with any regrets,
they'll tear at your seams just to watch you bleed out.

Off we go,
into this night we own,
and then, who knows?
from the towers to the ground:

Hearts turn cold and lights turn out,
on these dark streets we'll bring it all down.

Come on, come on, yeah, they're begging to see,
a moment, a glimpse, is this what they dream?
The molotov pirouette crashes and gleams,
the elegance and subtlety of vapors escapes me.

Off we go,
into this night we own,
and then, who knows?
from the towers to the ground:

Hearts turn cold and lights turn out,
on these dark streets we'll bring it all down.
Well this city is ours, just follow my lead,
yeah, this city is ours, where no soul dares be seen.

Drop The Match
We'll lay it to rest, and send it off right,
with a finger pointed straight up to the sky.

We've talked it to death, and I know you've changed,
and I'll try not to be more of the same.

So drop the match, let it go, burn these memories to pitch;
drop the match, let it go, carve this rabble here to rags.
And leave the flames to cast shadows on our backs.

The wretched advance, the sun will soon rise,
and we've just moments to decide...
Well I know one truth:
there's nothing I won't risk to be with you.

Light it up until it's black,
Leave the flames to eat it up, spit it back,
It's just old ink dried blue to scraps-
Strike that match so a vast sail of black is all that's left of our past.

And leave the flames to cast shadows on our backs.
And leave the flames to cleanse the past.

You Don't Want To Find Out
My den of wolves has circled you,
seems you call my name...
You've roused my hate- now I'll explain.

You don't want to find out too late,
I'm not a God fools slay.
You don't want to find out too late,
a sway of my arm leaves you erased.
so make haste to be scarce,
your blood's mine to waste.
You don't want to find out too late,
you've got Hell to pay.

I offer a lavish courtesy,
I'll blanket you in ash,
and sand, the only shroud worth wasting on your kind.
and you'll awake to the bitter taste of earth.

I offer a lavish courtesy,
I'll blanket you in ash:
your last shroud.

None of Us Are Safe
Your hands are cold and shake with fear- just raise your head and go.

Though none of us here are safe,
not one of us turns away;
So let the blade come down!

If I should fall far from you, just raise your head...

Is There Anyone Left?
Anyone left there inside,
anyone left alive?
Will I hear your whispers,
or the deafening wail of sirens?
Tell me is there anyone inside?

I know you waited for me here,
blind by your tears,
all alone, all these years,
could I lose you dear,
when I am so near?

Thought I might forget you in time,
you never even left my mind.
now I've come to find you,
but I fear I've come too late,
tell me there's one life left to save...

No, this don't stop here,
though we're long past hope,
because you and I know it's meant to be...

And if all I have found is silent now,
then I'll lay down too,
near you.

My Lips Are Sealed
I'm coming over and I'm sorry you said,
I really don't care if it's silence by 10,
let them hear that I'm sharing your bed,
and there's more to say tonight though,

my lips are sealed, oh they're sealed to you.
and my eyes are fixed, so sudden too,
yeah, to find the one I'd choose,
I always wondered who.

I came apart the moment you said,
I know you want me, you don't have to pretend,
then you took my burning face in your hands,
and said well here's a secret...

I always dreamed of you.

The Haunted Mind
Come out, come out,
to the crashing sounds,
telltale signs 'round your tangled mind,
where all the ghosts unwind.

Oh you, get out, get out,
while you still can,
oh my head is filled tonight with:
"what if..."

I can see it now, our lives forever,
no time for dreaming now,
just rise and leave here,
shall I then see you out?
It's now or never.

Come out, come out,
from where all the ghosts unwind.
Let's light it all tonight.

Can I leave here,
and live without her?
Or is this dream worth everything?

The Beautiful Longing Words
I heard the beautiful, longing words,
and knew that's just what comes first.
she's speaking a slow, black hearse,
to carry me out.

I saw the sultry, unending dance,
the vile, inviting glance,
pointed away from me-
I know just what this means.

I learned nothing new in truth,
I learned nothing new,
just blood and tears escaping my youth,
and the long red trail leads right back to you.

I knew treachery in an instant,
and memories once so brilliant,
drifted off sadly dim,
into the distance.

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